Red Wine may help smokers

Red wine has been found to repair some of the damage caused by cigarette smoking, at least according to the Finding of a Study carried out by researcher John Lekakis at a hospital in Athens and reported last Sunday at the European Society of Cardiology Conference in Vienna.

The Study conducted on 16 people using a popular Greek red wine on smokers revealed that on taking two glasses of wine, with or without alcohol, the effect of smoking on the dysfunction of arteries were countered within one hour. Lekakis warns though that the results do not suggest that regular consumption of red wine would stop the harmful effect of chronic smoking. However, it does indicate that a couple of glasses would certainly do well for smokers. It is presumed that the phenolic anti-oxidants in red wine are beneficial. Although the number of persons used is very small to give an authentic evidence, the information derived from this Study could lead to further research and discoveries which may help in reducing the damage caused by smoking.






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