French Cheese And Wine Week

French Cheese and Wine Week is being organized rom in Delhi jointly by The Embassy of France in India and Sopexa, the Food and Beverage Marketing and Promotion Board of France from 11-15Feb.. The series of training seminars will be conducted at The Oberoi, New Delhi on February 12-13th and The Imperial, New Delhi on February 14-15th to coincide with the French Season in India. These will be conducted by Mme. Daniele Raulet Reynaud, a French Sommelier and Sopexa Wine and Cheese lecturer, who conducted a Wine Tasting Seminar in November 2002. The schedule is as under:

February 13 Demystifying Wines, at The Oberoi

Session 1. Blind Tasting. Shatter myths about "labels", and let your senses of sight, smell and taste guide you to the specificity of varietals. Registration Rs. 500

Session 2. La Bourgogne & ses cinq Vignobles. A visit to the wines from Burgundy, a blessed region. Grape varietals and classifications. Tasting wines characteristic to the region. Registration Rs. 500

Session 3. Matching French Wines with Food. A session to understand equilibrium of counterbalanced tastes. Participate in matching various classifications of French wines with popular cuisines. Registration Rs. 650

February 14. At the Imperial, New Delhi

Tour de France Tasting 101a. A guided tour of the various wine regions of France, understanding wines, tasting from fabled vineyards across Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux. Registration Rs. 500

February 15. At the Imperial, New Delhi

Champagne, from lifestyle to wine styles. The Champagne appellation and making, types, service, and tasting including blind with sparkling. Registration   Rs. 650

Each session is independent of the other, and you may register for as many sessions as they like. Some fine wines from a gamut of importers will be served at the sessions. The sessions are open to all, and are intended for the horeca trade and wine enthusiasts.

   Contact Delhi Wine Club at 2643 8755,2643 8310, 51622892 for registration and details.




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