Women's Wine Club founded in Nashik

Wine and women make for a heady mix, and Nashik would never be the same again. It became the first in India to have a food and wine club exclusively for women,launched at the recently-held Nashik valley food and wine festival.

Nashik has been there at the top as wine producer, but it lacked in wine culture. So, to make amends, the wine industry decided to set up a women's wine club.

A group of women came forward in support. Defying the conservative culture of the city, they announced, "We now have a wine club." With wine goblets in their hands, they toasted to the future of wine industry.

Sharmila Deshmukh, who was chosen the first president of the club, said, "Women are not lagging behind in any field. We also intend to play a role in the wineries".

The women's club will not only promote wine, but will also help to generate employment opportunities for women in the industry.

Jagdish Holkar, CMD Flamingo wines, said, "Wine pronounces culture. But it had been restricted to the top most echelon of the society. This club will give upper-middle and middle-class women a taste of wine and enable them to enjoy good life. The club will also promote home-made wines."

'Though a novel enterprise, the launch of the club could be better managed. Members were at a loss explaining the utility of such a club. A better organised agenda is required to make it a success. After all, anything to do with wine has to be stylish and classy', comments the news report.

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