Seminar on Vine Grafting in Nashik

Croptec Consultants of Mumbai are organising a seminar on the ‘Advantages of Grafted Rootstock for Production of Wine Grapes' in Nashik on August 17, 2006 in association with Nashik District Grape Wine Manufacturer Association (NDGWMA) and supported by Austrade

(Australian Trade Commission), Mumbai.

Mildura Vine Nursery Pty. Ltd. (MVN) is Australia 's largest grapevine nursery based in Mildura , Victoria and is accredited by Vine Industry Nursery Accreditation Scheme (VINA). MVN is one of the largest suppliers of high quality rootstock and grafted grapevines in Australia . For more details check out

Mildura Vine Nursery Pty. Ltd. is offering DNA and virus tested high quality rootstock and grafted grape vines for wine grapes. MVN is also offering services with regards to selection of rootstock, vineyard establishment and vineyard management. MVN is also approved by National Research Center for Grapes (NRCG), Pune. Currently, MVN are already supplying grafted rootstock to reputed wineries in Maharashtra .

If you are interested to attend the seminar or want to know about the proceedings, you may contact the consultant, Mr. Pratap Arora at

Subhash Arora





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