Mercury Winery Launches Aryaa Wines

Nashik based Mercury Winery is bringing out its Aryaa, Ex and Mex range of wines with a product launch at Hotel Hilton Roof top Mumbai. The 35,000 sq feet winery is located in Ozer village, on Mumbai Agra highway.

Priced between Rs.425 ($10.5) and Rs.500 ($12.50) plus VAT, the range consists of the staple Nashik varietal fare, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc. Equivalent of 180,000 bottles have been fermented in its maiden vintage, with 2000 cases in the bottle. They are already talking to Big Bazaar, Narang Hospitality for marketing the labels, according to Ajay Chaubal, the Marketing Manager.

An interesting aspect is that following the direction set by UB, the BigB (Big Brother) where UB is already planning exports before bringing out the wine in the domestic market, Mercury plans to export 60% of its products in the very first year itself. ' We plan to target UK, Dubai, CIS countries and Sri Lanka where the samples have been sent and we expect the orders soon,' adds Ajay who has years of international marketing experience.

The winery is owned by Mumbai based finance specialist- Viral Pancholia who is in a tearing hurry to march ahead and grab a bigger piece of the pie. In an interview with delWine, Pancholia said, 'We had started the winery construction in September, 2005 and we are ready with our wines, even though we had no previous experience of wines or wine making.'

The Ex label concentrates on Shiraz while the Mex will be doling out a Rose. It is interesting to note that this wine will blush with the aid of Shiraz and Chenin- a combo of red and white grapes, a rare combination, not even permitted in most of the appellations in the world-especially the Old World, barring a few small regions in France.

'The prices will also not be a factor in determining the label as there will be an overlap of prices,' says Viral. The labels are vibrant and attractive. The labels will be sold by identifying the customer profile.'

The image is being created to sell in the duty free circuit as well. 'Even the launch at the Hotel Hilton tonight will have corporates, well known industrialists and businessmen,' concludes Viral, assuring us that the wine will be in Delhi too next year.

Subhash Arora
January 14, 2008





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