New Wine Launch from Kyndal

Mojaveh Beverages Pvt. Ltd, a group company of Kyndal India has introduced wine brand- 30 th Latt for Indian market.

The wines have been named as 30th Latt to indicate that this wine comes from vineyards situated at  30 th Latitude, claims the company sources. Traditionally, wine grapes have been growing in vineyards between 30-50° Latitude in both the Hemispheres.   30 th Latt has already been introduced in Goa, Chandigarh , Punjab , Pune and Kolkata.

In Mumbai it is available at Pop Tates, Golden Orchid, Zenzi, Chembur Gymkhana Chakra, MIG Club, Ankur Restaurant, Metro Palace  and many other restaurants. It is also available in retail shops like Parry Wines, Century Wines, Neeta Wines, Silver Coin, and Blue Star.

‘Our initial aim is to increase the presence of 30 th Latt in selected retail verticals and on premise verticals mainly in West Bengal', said Mr. Siddharth Bannerji, Director,  Kyndal India Pvt. Ltd.

Trinity and Flamingo labels  are already being sold through the company.

30 th Latt has been launched at a retail price of Rs. 450 per bottle in Mumbai


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