Mallya Plans Kingfisher Bars in the Air

Kingfisher Airline has announced another first in its attempt to revolutionize air travel, a standing bar on its international routes to be launched this year, where even the economy class passengers can have wine and liquor of their choice.

Says Hitesh Patel, executive vice president of the Vijay Mallya promoted airline, 'we have always maintained that we are in the hospitality business and not just the airline business. We aim to have a wow impact with our services on international routes.'

'As we will be offering non-stop flights on international routes, the standing bar will allow the economy class passengers to walk around, stretch and have few drinks. We have got a fantastic cabin layout, a good seat pitch and an iPod charger,' he added.

Other Indian airlines flying on international routes, Jet Airways and Air India do not have a standing bar. It is for the first time that an Indian carrier is planning to introduce such service in the economy class.

Among the international airlines, Singapore Airlines offers a standing bar in its premier economy class on the US routes.

Kingfisher Airlines has already announced its plans to launch international operations in August 2008, when it will launch daily non-stop flights from Bangalore to San Francisco and Newark.

On the domestic route, Kingfisher has already being lobbying with the central aviation ministry to allow serving of Indian wine in the skies, presumably to help the cash rich Maharashtra grape growers- an idea that has found a few MPs on its side.

However, there is a blanket ban on serving alcohol in the air in India and there is a remote likelihood of the airline being granted such permission despite Mallya's proximity to the Minister of Aviation, Mr. Praful Patel.

Subhash Arora




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