Subhash Arora to be a Juror at Vinitaly

Subhash Arora   has been invited to be part of the international jury for the International Wine Competition, Verona.  Mr. Giancarlo Lamio, Italian Trade Commissioner announced that the 14th International Wine Competition will take place a few days before the   40 th Edition of Vinitaly to be held from 6 th -10 th April.

Mr. Lamio explained that every year Veronafiere, the organisers of the Show hold the world's largest and most selective wine competition (Concorso) , in conjunction with ICE (‘ee - tch-ay') a few days earlier. 3500 wines have been entered by 31 countries for the show, to be judged by an international jury of wine journalists. The tasting lasts for 5 full days. ‘The competition's aim is to propose and give relevance to the best wine production in the world, through the tasting performed by the greatest international wine experts, says Mr. Lamio.

Here is the full text of Mr. Giancarlo Lamio's announcement:

40 th Vinitaly and 14 th International Wine Competition , Verona

Only after few months of my arrival in India, it was a great pleasure for me to interact with my new friends from the Delhi Wine Club.  Talking about wines during the dinners organized by Delhi Wine Club where people from all walk of life come together and enjoy wines from all parts of the world. 

I belong to the country – Italy for which I feel proud of. It always forms an important part of discussions during these wine dinners because it has gained fame all over the world for its wines. 

This also gives me a great opportunity to talk about the upcoming events - the 40 th edition of Vinitaly (6 th – 10 th April 006) along with the prestigious International Wine Competition taking place in Verona starting from 29 th March to 2 nd April 2006.

Many of you, I am sure already heard about Vinitaly, one of the world's most prestigious exhibition of the best production of wine s.  This enables all operators to make "the trip around the wine world in five days" in order to know, taste and enjoy high quality products of about 4,000 exhibitors.

Five exhibition days of intense business negotiations, competitions, top level guided tasting sessions as well as international events and meetings on highly up-to-date subjects. These five days will make Verona the World Capital of quality Wines.

But probably not many of you know that along with Vinitaly, exactly few days before, Veronafiere organizes, in co-operation with the offices of The Italian Trade Commission (I.C.E.) all over the world, the International Wine Competition.  This year will see comparing of almost 3,500 wine s from 31 Countries , now ranks as the largest and most selective International Wine Competition in the world.

This is a great opportunity to promote and acknowledge successful products: the wines taking part in the 14th edition of the International Wine Competition will be judged in Verona from 29th March - 02nd April 2006.

The competition's aim is to propose and give relevance to the best wine production in the world, through the tasting performed by the greatest international wine experts.

The winning Companies will have the advantage of displaying the awards given to their wines during “Vinitaly 2006”. The expertise of the International Evaluation Committees, together with the reliability and efficiency typical of the International Wine Competition, enable the competition to be considered as one of the most qualified and qualifying selection events worldwide. In fact, in the latest edition of the Competition, organized during “Vinitaly 2005”, almost 3,500 wine samples were presented, 50% of which were from 31 different Countries.

The prizes which will be awarded to the selected wines during the “14th International Wine Competition” are all extremely prestigious and have attained significance in the technical press. These awards are recognized worldwide and enhance the company's image considerably since they constitute an additional effective instrument in marketing strategies, thus causing immediate, positive and concrete commercial advantages.

The list of award-winning wines will be announced during the Inaugural Ceremony of the 40th Vinitaly.

As I was telling you before our organization every year is working with the organizer of the International Wine Competition in order to select international jury that is called to test all the wines participating in the competition and finally award the prizes, and, here is the great news, this year the Indian journalist we selected for participating in the Verona Competition is our friend and President of the Delhi Wine Club   - Subhash Arora !

To him goes all our felicitations and, I am sure, all of us will be ideally with him in this great event, even if only he will be the lucky one to taste all those fabulous wines…….  Hopefully when he is back he will be sober enough to tell us how it was.

In the meantime we wish him all the best and to enjoy it in our behalf.

Giancarlo LAMIO

Italian Trade Commissioner

Few number about Vinitaly's last edition:

Exhibitors: 4.064 from 26 countries
Visitors: 143.020 visitors from 100 countries (30.196 foreign visitors)
Net exhibitors area: 74.070 sq.m
Accredited journalists: 2.289 from 46 countries

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