Indage Wines Introduced in UK

Harvey-Miller Wine and Spirit Agencies (HMWSA) has introduced a range of premium Indian wines from the Indage vineyards to the UK market. These wines are made from grapes in Himachal Pradesh where high altitudes allow more delicate white grapes to be grown, according to a Release.

The reserve wine varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. They're packaged in 75cl bottles and all have a 13.5% alc. rating, with the exception of the Sauvignon Blanc (12.5% alc.).

The wines are described as well-balanced, expressive and fruit-driven, with superb varietal character and unobtrusive alcohol levels. Paul Nelson is the Australian winemaker working at the Indage vineyards.

The Sauvignons are described as close in flavour to a New Zealand wine, with bright grassy fruit and stunning complexity. The Shiraz has a distinct style, which is more Côtes du Rhone than Australian in style, while the Cabernets are getting bigger as the vines age, needing several months in French oak to mellow.

When contacted by delWine, Ranjit Chougule, the MD of Cougule remarked,' Yes, I am in UK right now, drinking them. We are very pleased with this entry.'

The wines will sell for prices ranging between £6.99 and £7.49.





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