Groverís Red is Decanterís Choice

Grover Vineyards’ La Reserve’02 has been adjudged the Best New World Wine. The August Issue of Decanter, the world-famous wine magazine published in London lists the Best Red, White and sparkling wines from the Old World and the New World that includes Australia, New Zealand, USA, Chile and South Africa.

Steven Spurrier, Consulting Editor and a well known authority on wines describes ‘This unexpectedly good wine from 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Syrah grapes grown at 1000m in the Nandy Hills outside Bangalore. Supervised by Michel Rolland it is recognizably Cabernet with ripe crushed berry fruit, good tannins and pleasant acidity for current drinking.’ Available in most stores across India (MRP in Delhi is Rs.430) it retails in UK for 9 pounds.

Grover is ably assisted by the winemaker, Abhay Kewadkar whose passion for wine is exceeded by few people. The Director, Mr. Kapil is understandingly ecstatic. ’ For us at the Grover Vineyards, this is a big step to position Indian wines on the world stage and we are naturally delighted with this rating’, he informed us.

We at the Delhi Wine Club and Indian Wine Academy are equally thrilled with this achievement as it will help promote Brand India in the world market, a concept which we are supporting and promoting passionately.

Here is the complete list of wines selected as Spurrier’s Choice:

. Reichsgraf von Kessel-Stat, Riesling
  Kabinett,.Josephshofer,Germany 2004

. Domaine de Chene Cuvee Anais,
  St Joseph, France 2001

. Dog Point Vineyard, Sauvignon
 Blanc, New Zealand 2004

 Grover Vineyards, la Reserve, India 2002

 Duval-Leroy , Authentis,
 Petit Meslier, France 1998

 Don Juan Lopez Hermanos,
 Malaga Transanejo, Spain

For details, pick up a copy of the August issue or write to us if you like to subscribe to the popular monthly to keep abreast with what is happening in the Wonderful World of Wine.

Subhash Arora
Aug 8, 2005

We had served ’97 vintage of this winner as a part of the wine repertoire at our May dinner at the Olive Bar and Restaurant. Subhash Arora




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