Wine Club Dinner: Terroir goes Saffron with Aussie Wines
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Wine Club Dinner: Terroir goes Saffron with Aussie Wines


Hydrabadi tali machhi
Fresh bekti fish marinated in indian spices fished with curry leaves and red chilies

Chicken morsels steeped in a marinade of “siyamirch” (black pepper), yoghurt, ginger and coriander, grilled in a tandoor& stir fry.

Khaas seekh kebab
Spiced minced lamb cooked on skewers in tandoor

Tandoori subz (v)
Marinated assorted vegetables cooked in tandoor

Bharwan tandoori aloo (v)
Potatoes stuffed with crisp fried potatoes, cottage cheese, green chilly, assorted dried nuts and finished with a touch of “lucknowi chat masala”


Tandoori chicken, cooked in a tomato, cream and cashew nut base gravy. Served with ginger juliennes and finished with fresh cream

Gosht nihari
Lamb cooked with rich gravy finished with saffron

Soy aur palak ke kofte (v)
Cottage cheese, dill &spinach dumplings cooked in tomato gravy

Subz handi (v)
Mixed vegetables flavored with garlic and cumin, cooked on dum

Dal makhani (v)
Black lentils simmered overnight with fresh tomato paste, finished generously with home churned butter and cream

Steamed basmati rice
Lamb biryani / vegetable biryani
Assorted tandoori breads


Lucknowi sheer korma
Hand made vermicelli cooked with reduced milk topped with nuts.

Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon ‘08
 Shaw Shiraz ‘08
 Borchardt Numbers Cabernet Sauvignon ‘09 
Kamberra Meeting Point Merlot ‘10
Kamberra Meeting Point Chardonnay ‘10

Canonbah Bridge- Bottle Tree Semillon Chardonnay ‘10
Canonbah Bridge Bottle Tree Shiraz Cabernet’09





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