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Dinner of DWC at Pullman (#12/285)

Pass Around Canape

Non Vegetarian
CrabSalad Passion Fruit& Pepper Coulis Rye Crisp, Pickle Plum
Confit Duck Agnoloti, Chive Oil, Lemon Froth

Compressed Sangria Watermelon Red Wine Jelly
Fried Brie Berry Relish
Devaux Cuvee D Brut, France

Sit Down

Millet, citrus & greens salad
Maple & balsamic dressing
Camas Sauvignon Blanc, France

Chicken liver, sowbelly terrine
Celery marmalade, Gluten crisp, berry glaze
Wild Mushroom, truffle parmesan Choux
Noir ketchup, pea sprouts 

Camas Chardonnay, France

Butternut Squash Veloute
Truffle Essence, Caramelised Squash Fudge 

Indian Bass, Grenobloise
Pomme Anna, Cucumber mint puree
Camas Pinot Noir, France

Baked Three Cheese, Artichoke
Tenderstem Broccoli, mustard dill emulsion, Palm heart ceviche
Camas Merlot, France


Pain perdu
Pain perdu, Caramel Ice-cream, Crushed nougat, Chocolate dust

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Gallery By : Adil Arora